Currently reading – No More Regrets

no regrets cover

I picked this book up at the library on the title alone.  Regrets are something I think the majority of us struggle with over a life time.  I know I do.  I’m sure we all have lists in our heads over what if, I should have or I shouldn’t have.

After reading the book I thought blog post!  The author puts forward five strategies to help eliminate regrets.  In each strategy are helpful choices we can make from speak your mind, steer clear of toxic people, to live your vision.  Read the book to get all the insights!

  1.  Get out of your rut
  2.  Take nothing for granted
  3.  Aim for authenticity
  4.  Stretch yourself
  5.  Be a force of goodness

I think we all have regrets over various things from relationships, jobs, purchases to lost opportunities.   What I took away from the book was to be true to my core values.  I want to practice forgiveness towards others and myself, make peace with past regrets and move forward, realize I have something to give and not let real or imagined obstacles stand in my way.

I might not be able to eliminate past regrets but I can forgive.  I can create the life I want and be open to possibilities.  To treat every experience as a learning experience, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The author says some of these ideas will resonate more than others.  I feel they are all doable and give us a place to start.  Who doesn’t want to have less regrets!

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