Free electronic books – really?

electronic book

Have you checked out Smashwords?   It is a self-publishing site that houses a variety of electronic books from mysteries (my favorite genre), children, romance, inspirational, plays and many more.  Fiction and non-fiction.

It is a way for first time writers to get their novels out there.  You will see writing in different languages, short-stories and free electronic books!  Yes I typed free.  The site is easy to navigate around.  It is broken down into genre, length of novel and price.  I mean it, there is a whole free section of electronic books to check out.   Who doesn’t want to check out free stuff!

Better yet do you have a novel, collection of short stories, screenplay, poetry or a play you would like to put out there?  I can’t promise anything but you will see your work listed and offered to others.  You can help other authors by reading their work and commenting, purchasing/downloading a $0.99 book.

I think it is a neat site and well worth checking out.  You might read others’ work and realize you have an idea and want to put it out there too.  Or a story you have written and hidden away for years not knowing what to do with it or if it is worthy of sending out.  Polish if off, check out the guidelines, see what other people are writing and take a chance.   I did.

2 thoughts on “Free electronic books – really?

    • Amelia says:

      Your welcome. Now go for it. The guidelines will tell you how they want it set up. Have to say it felt good to send it off. Finally felt like I was closing that door and now can concentrate on the next one.


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