February Challenge – Puzzle Pieces???

When Wanda and I discussed doing a 2016 monthly challenge we came up with three ideas right away.  See last month’s canvass challenge if you missed it  January Challenge – artist canvass.   For this month we both had puzzle pieces left over from other projects so I thought great I am half way there.   Well, I of course, checked out Pinterest and was overwhelmed at the creativity of individuals.

I had an aha moment and below is the result.  What I didn’t figure into it was that I had used pieces of the puzzle already so I might not have pieces that connected or would have to rethink the area of puzzle I wanted to use.

feb3 The bottom one is a card I just cut into nine pieces and put magnetic backing on.  You could use any card or picture that caught your eye and voila a piece of art on your fridge.  The two above are small puzzles for that person in your kitchen that can’t keep their hands still!   I had pieces from a larger puzzle, but I’m thinking if you found a children’s puzzle if would be great for kids to put together also while playing in the kitchen with parents.  Plus they all add a shot of color to your area.

I used  magnetic backing I bought at the dollar store and just cut and applied to the puzzle pieces.  For the card I laid the magnet backing on the original and then cut into sections.


Here is Wanda’s puzzle challenge – she is the DIYer and creative of the two of us!  She wrote on her card using her Cricut and used leftover scrap booking paper to cover the puzzle pieces.  Check out all the details over at A Wandafulthing.


There is another creative puzzle piece idea from Little Free Monkeys.   Check it out it is lovely. Thanks for joining!

March’s challenge is yarn/wool.   Use it alone or as part of a project it is totally up to you.  Looking forward to seeing what you do.  Thinking cap on.




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