Current Favorites on Pinterest

People are searching Pinterest for craft, DIY and decorating projects at an alarming speed.  You can type anything into search and you get a host of ideas.  With this in mind I thought I’d share of few of my favorite pins.

Since I have started blogging and writing I find I am looking at creative spaces and have gone as far as creating a Pinterest board of ones that have caught my eye.   Here is a pin from Dream Green DIY of a  bright, white office space .  I think this desk area could be in its own room or even part of a larger space.  What originally caught my eye was the Ghost chair.

Another board I created was for quotes here is one I pinned from  Because I am addicted blog  the  quote. This quote applies to all of us.   Creating and becoming what we are meant to be.  This blog for me is part of my journey in creating a life of capturing more moments and exploring new things and reconnecting with old.

I saw this picture and thought OMG – from Buzz Feed  on majestic building.   Can you imagine being there?   Travel for me is something I have never regretted and I am constantly in awe of pictures from the world over.  Below is a shot from my trip to Arizona.


I saw these bracelets from Make it and Love it and loved the idea –  leather bracelets.  I think they are so cool and you could make such a variety.  We just have to keep our eyes open at thrift shops!

This is currently in my “projects to do” board  from  Little Lovely Leaders – burlap wreath.    Along with a few other things……..

This is totally irrelevant to everything, I just loved the bar cart Sugar and Cloth posted –  bar cart!   I really can’t say anything else about the pin.

These are a few of the pins that caught my eye – I enjoyed sharing and going back and checking boards and links out for the post.  Let me know your favorite pins and links.  I might end up adding to my boards and that would be delicious!




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