A new chapter what to take with us and what to let go of


As we roll into 2016 for me it is about starting a new chapter.  A fresh year of exploring, learning and continuing to create the life I want.   I have never been big on resolutions such as lose weight, eat better, exercise more, I feel these should not be resolutions for a new year but part of creating a life we want – to feel better, treat out bodies with respect and build a routine that works for us.   As I enter a new year I want to reflect on what I accomplished last year, what needs more work and what I can let go.

Last year I saw myself learn (and put into practice!) stopping my downward spiral sooner.  Realizing no matter what people said or did it was my choice to take that negativity or anger and stop it spiraling and replaying it over and over in my head.  How did I want my day to play out?  Not as someone angry and upset over something I really have no control over.  STOP.  BREATHE.  This is an opportunity to put into practice letting go.  People often say or do things without thinking or we take it the wrong way – whatever – don’t let some incident real or imaged ruin YOUR WHOLE DAY.  If you can deal with it fine, if not, think is it worth ruining the rest of your day or weekend over?  No.  

Adding kindness to everything I do – such an easy act but it is something most of us have to work on.  Smile if you make eye contact with a stranger, hold the door open, and let someone get onto the bus before you and tell people if you think they did a good job and maybe keep your mouth closed if they didn’t but tried.

This year I want to work at putting myself out there.  Not feeling me or my work isn’t good enough.  If it feels ready let it go with no regrets.  If it works that is great, if it doesn’t that is okay as you did it and will learn from it.  Regrets for me is not something I want to carry.  Especially over things I have control over.  I realize part of the experience is learning to be thicker skinned. As there are people out there who will criticize and want to shut us down.  Don’t let them do it.  Realize they have their own baggage and are just not aware yet that life is about abundance not scarcity.   Happiness and success multiples.  There are enough of both for all of us.  They are not pieces of pie where if I have a good slice there won’t be any for you.  Get rid of that scarcity mentally.

So to continuing to create and explore different possibilities from taking Tai Chi, travel, read more and holding doors open for everyone. The world is out there for us to take in – the brighter we are the brighter the world around us will be.  Let’s be that light and grab or make those opportunities.  I’ll start by putting that piece of work out there I have been holding on it – no matter what I will be okay.  To the next chapter – hold on!!

PS I painted the card at the first of the post!  Just putting it out there!!









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