Take the 2016 Challenge!


It is hard to believe another year is over.  This year I celebrated my first year anniversary blogging – it was challenging, exciting, pushed my boundaries and has me looking at the world with a slightly different focus.  Which is a good thing.

I continue to work on my personal growth, some days better than others, and have made progress.  I can now (majority of the time) stop myself sooner from spiraling down.  I am working on “adding kindness” to everything I do and say and creating the life I want.  This blog and you have made me more accountable – if I put it out there I own it and that has always meant something to me.

So moving into 2016 myself and my friend, who is the reason I have this blog, are challenging ourselves craft wise and hope you pick up the gauntlet with us.  Wanda over at A Wandafulthing and I are picking an item each month and creating something new from it. We will post the item to use for the next month and will show our completed project on the third Monday of the month.  That will also be when we challenge ourselves with another item.

So for January 18th the item is………an artist canvass.  No rules just that the canvass has to be part of your project.  So it is unlimited what you can do with it.   On January 18th I will show you my result and Wanda will show her’s over at A Wandafulthing.

We would love for you to challenge yourself also – send us your picture and we will post and let’s see how creative 2016 will be!  

Starting now!!    Email on About page.

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