How to keep it together for the holidays

November just rushed by and December at times feels like it is on cruise control.   It is happening with or without me.  This being the case, I thought I would share some of the things that have been keeping me together this month and basically on (somewhat) top of things.

Here are my five tips to keeping it together for the month

  1. Everyone is talking about buying local, which is a good thing, so check out what people are offering right around you and I mean right around you.   There are often schools, non-profits selling items from Christmas paper to pies.   Where I work we have a staff craft sale. It ranges from knitted items, jewelry, soap to art work.   This year I stumbled upon through our work Intranet this organization  African AIDS Angels.    I just emailed and ran up a flight of stairs and voila!   Within five minutes had Christmas gifts purchased.angel3
  2. Coffee break – take time for you.  If you work outside the home you likely get a lunch break.  Head to the nearest coffee shop and just sit with paper and pen and breathe.  While you are breathing write out your lists from groceries, gifts to events.   Sip, breathe, look around, listen to conversations and jot down the next item.
  3. What about considering organizations like World VisionOxfam and there are many others.  Maybe ones you are already connected with or have a special place in your heart for.  Do a family gift – how about a goat!!!
  4. Exercise.  If you have an exercise routine don’t stop because you are busy and on the fly.  All the more reason to stay focused on this one area.  This is the one area where I  do make time for as it is a release for me.  I can always find at least 30 minutes to exercise and it makes me feel better, more focused and often I have pounded my frustrations out and now can take on the challenge again.
  5. Remember it is all about how you make people feel not the gifts or the money.  People might not remember the gift you gave in a few years but they will remember how you made them feel and that you were there for them.

So take care of yourself so you can take care and be there for others.  Look around you and see what is available that can make your life easier and help someone else or a worthy organization.   I’ll end with my big shopping local experience – look at what I bought from my neighbour (how local is that) for my sister!!!



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