How to make any situation better for you and others

I took in two things this week that were connected.  When I tell you what they were you might not think of a connection so there it goes.  I attended a Quality Summit at work and watched Disney Cinderella 2015.  Hmmm…. yes they are connected.

The Quality Summit was about health care.  One presenter is passionate about family centered care.  Involving families and patients in their health care on any level they feel comfortable with.  Our health centre has a Family Advisor Council.  Patients/families sit on various committees, help develop resources for families and advocate on behalf of them.  This presenter told stories of patients and what had made a difference for them when in hospital (I cried).  It came down to respect and kindness.   All individuals involved from the admitting clerk, nurse, physician to the surgeon showing respect and kindness for the patient.  The presenter said she is not asking us to do anything above and beyond our busy, hectic work just to add “and” to what we do.   The take away was to add “and kindness” to everything we do.


There was a theme in Cinderella of “have courage and be kind”.  That was it.  That was all she was trying to do.

So you see how these two situations for me are connected!  It felt like I was being told twice what I needed to work on.  Such a simple thing to just add kindness to everything I do.  There is no extra work, nothing to purchase or schedule in.   Just to have courage and be kind.  We can do this and feel more balanced and be one more step towards creating a more incredible life.  I’m in.






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