Learning opportunities other people give us – freely!


I think we have all heard “what you often see or dislike in others is something you should be working on in yourself.”  Well, this happened to me recently – along with countless other times in my life – but this time  I caught myself right away.

I could feel myself filling up with angry – how or why can they do that!  I had started my day feeling great – I had lots on my plate at work and home but felt things were coming together.  I started to let one episode spiral my day down.  Negative scenarios started playing out in my head and then WHAM I realized what was happening.  That what had been done to me, I have done in the past and justified it.  How could I be mad at someone over something I have also done?   I was allowing something, frankly not that important, to ruin my day.  It was a awake call for me – I don’t have to go down that road of negativity.  It is my decision to have a bad or good day.

What can I take away from this situation or any situation?  This one was letting go.  Realizing no one is perfect and admitting and seeing my flaws – yes maybe through a mirror.  If we are getting upset with other people’s behavior, maybe we should be taking a hard look at what we are doing.  Is it behavior or opinions that we have expressed in the past.  Is it something we should be working on in ourselves? Not just seeing it and criticizing it in others.  If we start to look at situations around us and happening to us as learning opportunities think about what we can take away!  Less stress, negativity and maybe a different way to look at the world.  I’m in and starting now.


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