Journaling and tapping into content


Journaling is something I have done for years off and on.  I usually do a travel journal and I record events and thoughts I want to capture, but I do not do daily entries.  Though this journey of exploring I have been coming across ideas that I want to share.  The latest is mining for personal content.  I thought this is great for people just starting to journal and for others who are struggling with content for their writing.

Instead of writing about what you did today, try exploring questions like if there was a lesson for today – what was it?  Was there a theme running through your day?  Or week?  What five words best represent how you felt today?  Maybe write about what was the happiest, saddest or most thought provoking thing that happened to you today/week/month.

It can be difficult tapping into our feelings, but it can also be a great jumping off point for further growth and creativity.  Maybe that lesson or theme that has been running through your week will lead you to check out a new activity or touch base with an old friend.  So why not mine for our personal content and see where it leads us.  Maybe there is a piece of art or a short story in there waiting to be brought to the surface!

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