Happy 1st Year Anniversary to me!


Last October I wrote my first post.  I can hardly believe a year has come and gone.  What started as an accident has turned into something I enjoy and gotten me involved in a super supportive creative community.

Fast recap, I didn’t intend to start a blog it just happened when I thought I was signing up to guest post on http://www.awandafulthing.com.    You can always start now was just the last phrase (after many) I typed into the account.  Now I don’t think I could have every thought up a name so appropriate as to what I want to explore and share with people.  So I guess it was meant to be.

I look at the world a bit differently – looking for ideas to share and projects to try.  At the moment I am reading a book on crafts and jotting down ideas.  I actively listen to conversations, pod-casts and read other blogs for ideas or to challenge me to push myself further.   

This past year I have tried painting-by-numbers, forgiveness5 why techniqueperfectionismhand-written letters and read The Greatest Salesman in the World that should be required reading.   I also know now how to be Parisian.   These are a few things I have explored in the past year.  I have done all this with encouragement and support from Wanda over a A Wandafulthing.  We have pushed each other, Facetimed from 5000 miles apart and constantly challenged each other to go further.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by the blog, liked, shared and commented.  To be part of such a creative community is fantastic.  There is so much to learn and I am all about embracing the challenge and starting NOW!

Drop me a note if there is anything we should be trying, reading or exploring.  I like to think this blog is putting ideas out there and/or letting people know they are not alone on the journey.  If one thing is an “ahha” moment for you than the job is done!

Happy Anniversary!

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