Paint, Thread and Tape

I am usually more motivated and organized once September hits but for some reason this year I wasn’t and September rolled on through.  Weather wise it was beautiful on the east coast so no complaints in that area.

October started (WHAT!) and I made my “to do” list.  I was determined to get started on projects and set a deadline of the end of October to have a few things crossed off the list.  I like to make an easy Christmas craft to give to friends visiting during the holidays and already knew what I wanted to do this year.  I also knew I had to get cracking on it.   So, the week of October 5th, I commandeered the dining room table. Covering it with plastic, I brought out paint, thread, tape and other miscellaneous items.  I gave myself the rest of the week and Saturday to make a dent in things before cleaning off the table – at least for a bit.  The following sites are my inspirations of projects that I completed and/or started last week.  I have more to do and now feel motivated and ready to tackle the rest!


I thought these were cute and I have boxes of thread/floss.  My mother was an avid crafter.  So wanted to try one.

I saw these wooden spoons and serving utensils last year on my friend’s A Wandafulthing blog and knew it would be my 2015 Christmas project.

I am not a painter by any means, but I do enjoy trying new things.   When I sit and do a craft it is a bit like meditation for me.  I get into a zone and whether I use paint, thread, glue it is the process of creating I enjoy.  Saw this on Wonder Forest and thought why not!  So it went on the list.

Hope this gets you motivated to start your fall or holiday crafting.  If you have any neat ideas please share.

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