Gurus and mentors – what can they do for us?


I recently listened to a podcast on Gurus (you can substitute mentors here) on how we can learn from them.  We often seek them out or they appear when we need them.  I also think we have mentors all around us.  People who are courageously pushing their boundaries, exploring new worlds and creating the life they want.  I don’t think it has to be anything huge like starting a non-profit in a developing country.  I think creating the life you want can be exploring your creativity, volunteering in an area you are passionate about and being authentic.

A guru could be someone you admire.  They don’t have to be in a field you want to entry, they just have to be passionate about what they are doing.  Explore how they got there, what choices they made or didn’t make and areas they pursued.  I imagine you would find people who are open to all possibilities.  Individuals who don’t looks at failures and mistakes as negative but as opportunities.  They would be forward thinking (most of the time!). 

So is there anyone around you that is passionate about what they are doing?  That seems to have life figured out or at least balance.  Remember to consider mentors from the world at large – is there someone’s writing that strikes a cord with you?  What things can we learn from these individuals?   Is it being involved in your community?  Putting yourself out there?  Curiosity?

Look around you.  Is there someone you can learn from either face-to-face or through their writing.  Explore that as a growing opportunity.  Remember there is no failure only growth.  Also be open that there might be someone out there looking at you for possibilities.  So make sure all doors and windows are open and fresh air is coming in.  We are creating the life we want and starting NOW!

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