Embracing Fall – start your Fall bucket list!


When September rolls around I feel re-energized.  After a hot and humid (especially this year) summer the weather starts to cool, walking is at its best and everything is ramping back up.  All the Fall brochures arrive and I pour over classes ranging from yoga, dance, painting to seminars.   I head to the library to collect their brochure, City Recreation, Community College and anything else that catches my eye.  With school starting, I guess I have always felt September was more the start of a new year than January.

I start to make my list of things to do for the fall and that usually includes more cooking and nesting.  Activities like book club start back up, the season opens for the theater and I find myself looking at crafts to do, books to read and projects to finish.  I find my energy level is a bit higher – maybe due to the cooler weather and I want to have more things on the go. 

Book club starts the last Monday of September “All The Light You Cannot See”. Have already been to the season opening play at the Theater “Great Expectations”.  Study group is back on.  Getting ready for National Novel Writing Month (November) and thinking about courses and classes – maybe The Artist Way over the colder months.

What activities do you look forward to in the Fall?  Any recommendations?  Are you gearing up to do more cooking?  Renovations now that the weather is cooler?  Starting your winter crafts and projects for the holidays?  Any on-line courses you think we might find interesting?  Or Pinterest projects?  Let us know.

Lets embrace a new season and create the experiences we want.  Open new doors and try new things.  Start browsing through what is available in your community, you never know what you can always start now!

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