10 Questions

Last month I was reading one of my favorite blogs Centsational Girl and she did a post on 10 questions another blogger had challenged her on.  In turn she challenged other bloggers to answer 10 questions.  Wanda over at www.awandafulthing.com and I decided it was a neat idea and we’d liked to participate so challenged each other.  Below are my answers and click over to read Wanda’s and find out a bit more about us!!

Below is the link to Centsational Girl post that started it all.


1)   Winter or summer?   I have to say winter.  I love the heat and the sun but winter is the season when I seem to get the most done.  I’m more focused during the winter months on projects. There seems to be less distractions.   I live in a condo so no snow shoveling or mowing of grass so I know how lucky I am here.

2)  Name one thing on your bucket list you have completed.

Sedona, Arizona

Seeing the desert. Sedona, Arizona

3)  If you could rewind 20 years and give yourself advice, what would it be.   To embrace my uniqueness.  To take more risk and have more self confidence in my choices. Listen to my gut and follow what it says. I would love to live in a bigger city even if just for the experience.

4)   Share something you’ve pinned or bookmarked and why you love it.

New York City Library

New York City Library

I have been to New York City twice and love it.  Such a great walking city, so much to see and explore.  I have a Pinterest Board of my “ideal day” and this pin is on it.  I would love to spend an afternoon writing on that table in that library!

5)   Favorite room in the house and why?  This was the hardest question for me as I love my home as it is slowly evolving into me.  Final decision was my bedroom as it is where my desk is – which is my mother’s linoleum chrome kitchen table.  The room also has a wing-back chair for reading and of course my bed.  The desk is in front of the window where I look out at a row of trees so the view is different each season.  Check out my Home Tour for a few pictures of the place and backyard.

6)   What is your favorite color and where do you often use it.   I like blue.  I use it in accessories like kitchen runner and pillows.


7)   What is my go to meal/recipe?   I am not a great baker or cook.  I do work at eating (majority of the time) right.  When I’m invited somewhere I usually make curry rice in my rice cooker.  It is easy, I add curry and thyme and some frozen vegetables near the end.

8)   What is my guilty pleasure?   It is a hot, humid Sunday afternoon.  I have two chairs and a big plush cushion set up on the balcony.  I have a decorating magazine on my seat and the chairs are close enough I can put my legs up and stretch out on them.  I move a little table out next to the chair.  My guilty pleasure sits on the table……a large glass with ice of diet coke!   My summer hot weekend treat.

9)   What is an author/book that has resonated with you and why?  I have already confessed to being a self-help junkie with books.  I  have also recommended a few books in other posts.  So I went through my bookcase and decided to choose….The Bodacious book of Succulence – daring to live your succulent wild life! by Sark.   The reason is I recommended this book to my cousin this summer.   Sark’s write-up will explain this book better than I ever could “I wish this book to free the part of your soul that longs to write epic novels, recite Yeats by heart, play a musical instrument by magic, or perform in a play about your life that you create and design.  Most of all I want this book to give you a boost up over the fence that prevents you from moving forward and inward.”   I feel we could all use help with a boost “over the fence”.


10)   How many items are on your project list and what are the top two.  I have different lists going all the time.  House, writing, blog, groceries you can see where I’m heading.  I might not have lipstick or make-up in my pursue but I always have paper and pen.  When Wanda and I decided to write this post my top two for the house were wallpaper an accent wall in the dining room and closet doors for my entry way.  Since we started plugging away on this post a few weeks ago, I managed to find someone to help me wallpaper (thank you Erin).  So I’ll add finding out more about Periscope to round up to my top two.


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