What I am learning as a blogger and more

I confess I am a self-help junkie.  I enjoy finding a book that will challenge me to think differently and/or push my boundaries.  Two books I have read and completed more than once are:  Cheryl Richardson Life Makeovers.  Broken down into 52 chapters on practical & inspiring ways to improve your life one week at a time (direct quote from book).  Few examples are 1) What is draining you? 2) Stop juggling and start living 3) Learning to wait and 4) Creating Space.  The other book is Julie Cameron The Artist’s Way.  The Artist’s Way is broken down into 12 weeks to help you unleash your creativity.  The author starts with the assumption (which I agree) is that we are all creative beings.

So blogging was a natural fit.  It pushes my boundaries to be more open and builds on what I already know.  I look at experiences and interactions in a learning mode.  I am trying new things and old I likely would not have if it were not for the blog (example paint-by-numbers).  Blogging has made me feel more positive about myself and I am defining who I am differently.  It has also helped me focus on being more creative in other areas of my life.  There is a supportive community out there and room for everyone to have their own unique voice.

I am seeing experiences in a different light and pushing myself to take them further.  Look at what is happening around you.  Is someone doing something you think is cool (maybe pottery, politically campaigning, local gardening, anything!)   Why not check it out and see where it leads you!  Accidental blogging lead me to explore different creative channels and is pushing me to try new things.  See where something new can lead you.  You can always start now!

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