Handwritten letters Update!

Wanted to give an update on a previous post titled handwritten letters as synchronicity has taken place!  Fast rehash saw a play Trudeau about a relationship that developed through letters between two very diverse individuals.   I walked out of the play thinking handwritten correspondence is a dying art and set myself a goal of writing three hand written letters in a month.

Well I accomplished my goal and enjoyed it.  I shared more than I would in an email or on any social media really.  I was determined that people would get their money or words worth so every letter had to be two pages double-sided.  Yes, I struggled at times to full the page (third and fourth page) and set it aside for a day or two, but mostly my pen just flowed about what I was doing, thinking and planning.  Each letter was individual – some stuff I included the same – but mostly tailored to that person.  The three individuals I picked all fell into different areas of my life and have no connection to each other.

I rediscovered that writing taps into a different part of my brain than typing – if that makes sense.  I just wrote away no deleting, second guesses as I was so NOT going to rewrite two pages.  I felt the same flow as when I do a craft. The sense of just being in a space with no expectations and time just not a factor.  A bit Zen like.

It was after I finished my letters that synchronicity happened and in the local paper and there was write up on a new group in my city that valued writing letters.  It gave a Facebook page and they call themselves Snail Mail Society! Well, I dropped them a line and did a “friend request” and now I’m in.  They meet monthly usually at a coffee shop to talk, write and create.   I think they might also be in other cities across the country.

Through the Facebook group I found the following sites.  I sent a card I painted to What came in the mail which she showed on June 26th along with other great cards and postcards.



So if you want to push your boundaries, meet new people or try something new check out local groups on Facebook.  You just never know what you might find or who you might meet.  You can always start now!

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