Summer spaces – enjoy what you have

It is officially summer. It felt like a long time coming to the east coast but the calendar says the season has started.  With warm thoughts in mind I am looking around my place to brighten and lighten up.  I have a small balcony (12 x 4 feet) which faces south-west so lots of light.  I usually put two big chairs to stretch out in and read, along with a few flower pots. It is nothing to look at but serves the purpose.  I’m thinking this year I should shake things up so I have been looking at pictures of small balcony spaces.  I thought I’d share a few I have come across.  Is anyone else thinking of “shaking” up their outdoor space this season?

small 7small7

small5 small8small area2small area

I’m liking the use of rugs, cushions and extra storage (note the bike!).  All look pretty and useable.  Definitely something to think about. While I was looking for balcony ideas I came across some ideas for larger outdoor spaces.   I’ve commandeered my friend Wanda’s site to show off these so check out

2 thoughts on “Summer spaces – enjoy what you have

  1. Nova says:

    Lovely pictures. Like the idea of a “bistro” table for drinks. The chairs being comfortable for hours of lounging and reading would have to be a must though.


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