Success – who gets to define it? YOU


Success: favourable accomplishment, attainment, issue or outcome.   This is how the dictionary (mine) defines success.

I recently listened to a podcast on The Tim Ferris Show with Amanda Palmer on how to fight, meditate and make good art.  At one point he asked her to define success and that got me thinking – who gets to define success especially for society.  It should be an individual definition.  She had the same line of thought as me.  It should be our definition.

Success for someone could be raising children to be compassionate and empathic.  For another person success could be just getting through the day if they are suffering from depression or anxiety.  We should not compare ourselves, bank accounts, homes, careers, children to anyone else.  Nor should we let society define our success either. We should define our success with the above words of a favourable accomplishment, issue or outcome that is attainable and meaningful to us.

One way I define success is at the end of the day can I look at myself in the mirror and say you did okay.


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