Love the home you have!

My friend and fellow blogger Wanda at was one of a group of bloggers chosen to promote Melissa Michaels (The Inspired Room Blog) new book Love the Home You Have.  We are 5000 miles apart so conversation are emails and Facetime.

We decided it would be fun to do some the 31 day Challenges in Love the Home you Have.  After debating and picking out our top three, the decision was #10 Reclaim the Dining Room.  It starts with decluttering the table.  Remove everything that does not belong from  papers to flyers and maybe your laptop if you use it as a desk.  Second part is once clutter free put together a centerpiece using only items you already have in your house.  Hmm….I have to admit I played around for a bit.  I’m not a crafty person (hence not a DIY blog) and realize I need a good camera.

 IMG_0053 IMG_0051wandas

I ended up using a scarf, glass vase, candle and white button wreath I made years ago.  It is very simple and plain but does reflect my home.  Dining room is at the end of my kitchen in my condo so no direct natural light.   One of Wanda’s centerpieces is the other picture so check out her blog to learn more about her process – yes she is a DIYer!!</

It was fun to look around for items – from a lantern to a china cup for the right look.  Ended up remembering button wreath at the last minute and pulling it out of a drawer.  So have a look around your place for different items to use and see what you can come up with.

2 thoughts on “Love the home you have!

  1. awandafulthing says:

    Well written piece on Love the Home You Have, thanks for being on this journey with me and thank you for linking over to my blog. Looking forward to working on the front porch and making a wreath for the front door 🙂


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