Handwritten letter anyone?

I recently saw Brooke Johnson’s Trudeau Stories at the theater. It is about a young theater student (Brooke in 1985) meeting a retired prime minister and their relationship developing over the years. Brooke does a one woman show.. It gave me another view of a public figure from the mostly unlikely pair of eyes.

One thing that struck me from the play is that we are losing the art of letter writing. A lot of the play and their relationship developed through hand written correspondence. Not “likes” and “shares” on Facebook or one sentence replies through emails but pages of what is happening, feelings and plans in the making. Each letter totally focuses on the individual it is addressed to from the moment you write Dear ….


Have we lost the art of hand writing a letter? I don’t count a one liner in a birthday card! I count the sharing of details, asking and answering of questions from previous letters. Something concrete we can pull out in later years and re-read and maybe share about that person.

So I’m giving myself a challenge this month to write, by hand, three individual letters. Sharing what is going on, plans for the future and of course complain about the weather. I even have my stamps already!

2 thoughts on “Handwritten letter anyone?

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