A bad day? Spiraling down?

Have you ever had a day or a week where you just vault from zero to 200 on things that wouldn’t normally raise an eyebrow? That was a few weeks ago for me. My tolerance was below the sub-basement level. The positive is since I am working on creating the life I want I know “I can always start now”.   It is crucial we have techniques to stop ourselves from spiraling down that path of negativity. I’m not going to say I didn’t start my spiraling but I am getting better at the pulling back sooner.


Realizing and acknowledging where I am heading is a major factor for me and looking around and seeing the positives in life. What do I have to be grateful for? What do I have control of? What activities can I do to shake these feelings up? Or what people can I surround myself with who are positive and enjoying life on all levels and through all circumstances? For me it is taking a breath and realizing I am okay and this will pass.   My techniques are exercise no matter what – I’m talking a walk outside or if the weather is bad (February/March were brutal here) the treadmill, yoga and escaping into a good book/blog! We do have some control over a negative attitude or bad day. We can start now to learn better techniques to pull ourselves up. Let me know what brings you joy in down moments and how you shake it up.

11 thoughts on “A bad day? Spiraling down?

  1. When I start spiralling down, the universe has this uncanny way of reminding me lucky I am in so many ways so I usually snap out of it pretty quick – lists help me and taking deep breaths…and Facetiming with good friends!!!


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  3. This definitely happens to me, and I agree it’s not about stopping entirely. It’s about pulling ourselves out faster. That’s the way behavior changes work, we reduce severity and duration. (At least that’s what my aunt the psychologist says.) When I’m heading to “down” town, the first thing I do is become aware of it, without judging myself. “Hmm,” I say, “I’m really piling it on right now. Why is that?” I separate from the feeling, observing it without necessarily forcing it to go away. Then it does.
    Thanks for the post! We can all use reminders of ways to choose the life we want. And like you, being down isn’t my favorite place to be.


    1. I am getting faster at recognizing when I am spiraling down. It is about awareness and non-judging – I am not my thoughts. I am more than this. Thanks for stopping by always enjoy your posts/blog.


  4. drallisonbrown

    This is so cool….as I prepare to write this comment, I glance up and the last comment I see is from 4/28/15 at 11:11pm! Today is 11:11 and I’m big believer in numeric messages! That’s a good omen! And, can you tell, I’m a positive thinker? I really don’t have much tolerance for negative thinkers…don’t bring that junk into my space 🙂


    1. Totally. I don’t mind someone having a good rant to get stuff off their chest and be done with it but constant negativity I don’t think there is anything more energy sucking for the mind/body/soul. Yes I agree you were meant to pop in and comment and have that numeric message. It was a cold and sunny day here for the ceremonies.


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