Restaurant Reviewer and more? Trip Advisor

I enjoy checking new things out – either at home or when I travel, but I am someone who does like an agenda.   Last year when my sister and I went to Arizona – beautiful – we used Trip Advisor a lot.  We live at opposite ends of the country so emailing and phone was how we planned our trip.   Trip Advisor is great – if you haven’t used it check it out.  We found our hotels on it, restaurants/bars, local transportation and places to see.  You can join forums, ask questions and for me feel part of a bigger community of travellers.

The other neat thing about Trip Advisor is that you don’t have to travel outside your own area!  I have started doing reviews of my city – from local transit, the new library to restaurants.  You take in the experience a different way knowing you might be reviewing it for others, maybe locals or someone visiting your area for the first time.  Pic from Trip Advisor!


So have you always wanted to be a restaurant reviewer?  Maybe check out and make a recommendation on your local gallery? Theatre?  Favorite pub?   You can always start now!  Start looking at your city in a new light and show it off.




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