What or who is currently in town? Mary Pratt?

I live in an extraordinary city with theatre, symphony, museums, a college of art and design, universities and more.  Plus an incredible new library that is beautiful!  I will be the first to admit I do not take advantage of all my city has to offer, but I did on a recent Saturday.

February was psychology month so a friend and I headed to a free showing of Girl Interrupted (did you know that came out in 1999?).  There was a panel discussion afterwards discussing how far we have come since 1968 and not.  Would these young women be hospitalized in current day – majority of them no.  How labels are put on us early, how the system works and doesn’t and you are not your diagnosis.

After that we headed to the art gallery and I saw an exhibit of Mary Pratt (Canadian).  I am ashamed to say I had not heard of her but was awestruck with her work – the realism of it and I knew I had to share.  I had to get almost nose to nose with the paintings to see the brush strokes and make sure it wasn’t a photograph.  Here is one of her painting!jam jars So start exploring your own area and be open to any invites that come your way.  Check out the events section in your paper, library, bulletin boards you might be pleasantly surprised!



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