On to the next chapter. Creating the life you want. Ideas how to start!

As I’m creating the life I want I’m questioning, exploring and putting into play new ideas and hopefully routines.  Three questions that have recently surfaced that I’m examining are 1) look at the wonders that are in your experience already.  What are my strengths? Where have I come from?  What am I proud of? Who have I helped and surrounded myself with?   What am I grateful for?  This is our foundation to build on.  I have been lucky to have like-minded friends who encourage and support me.  Tap into what is around you.

2) Think about your days the way they are now.   Are we spending time doing things that bring us joy?  Or are we rushing from one thing to the next not taking in the wonders around us?  Where are we expending our energy?  What can we eliminate that isn’t serving us?  What needs more of our time to nurture and succeed?  I’m working on saying no when it conflicts with my writing time.  I’m starting to schedule time for me and treat it as a commitment not something I can blow off “Oh I’m free I was just home puttering.”

3)  Decide what the life you want looks like.  Don’t edit yourself or worry if your dreams are impractical.   Be more mindful, have a sense of wonder and awe.  Invite adventure and enlarge your world.  We are entering a new chapter – what do you want to fill it with?  What small steps can we take to create the life we want?  Through this blog I am seeing the world and myself differently.  I’m putting myself more out there, looking at things differently “is that a post”?  “Would people find this interesting?  Helpful?”  I want to fill this chapter with pushing boundaries, no regrets and great memories.  So….what’s next?  What is your next chapter looking like?

Idea from Creating a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran.

3 thoughts on “On to the next chapter. Creating the life you want. Ideas how to start!

  1. drallisonbrown says:

    As always, you hit the nail on the head! All my favorite sound bites….be more mindful, focus on joy and gratitude, be adventurous, push boundaries, heck, be impractical!! Great advice!


    • Amelia says:

      Thank you. Work in progress here. Had joy at the bus stop yesterday talking to a two year old as she jumped and smiled at me. We take the same bus to and from work/daycare. When I read your be impractical I thought of her as I always go dramatic when I see her (excited face) not sure what people think and so don’t care. Impractical I can do that for a smile and giggle.


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