Ideas for unblocking your creativity

Disclaimer: I am not an artist.  I am someone who likes to explore and work with my hands.  I enjoy doing crafts (I’m not great) and it has always been more about the journey than the destination/product.  There has always been something about the quiet and just working with my hands and creating that makes me happy.  Even if I toss the end results in the trash.

I’m always looking for new ideas and projects to try so when I came across the Artist’s Block Cured I thought I’d share a few assignments.  If we are pushing our boundaries and exploring new ideas maybe trying something outside our comfort zone is just the thing.  So this idea was appealing and fun.  The above is my go at it.

Write these words on pieces of paper you can cut up individually:  walk, add a new color, wrap around, trot, stop short, zig-zag, bunny-hop, reverse, jumping jacks, slither, make smaller, skip, sneeze, turn upside-down, run in circles, zoom ahead, fall down, expand, sharp left turn, kick the ball, laugh out loud, be playful, turn inside-out, pop the balloon, fly a kite, get excited, blow a bubble.

Fold the words so you can’t see them and place in a bowl and mix up.  Using a paintbrush, begin to draw a line on canvass/paper.  Then randomly select a piece of paper and make that line do the action on the canvass.

I told you I’m not an artist but I’m willing to give anything a go.  Have fun.  Now I’m wondering what a sneeze looks like…….


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