Aging Exquisitely – ultimate secret

I read this recently and knew I had to post it “the ultimate secret to aging exquisitely is to identify more with the part of yourself that doesn’t grow older – the inner parts.”  You can call this your spiritual self, inner self, it doesn’t matter, it is the part that is really you – no matter what age.  Your sense of humor, compassion, gift to gab, your strength to listen to understand.  These grow with us as we age they don’t diminish.  The person we see in the mirror is not all of us but only a small part – maybe even just the vessel?

Things we can do to age exquisitely is 1) make a plan.  Visualize who you want to be at any age and put it into action now  2) take care of your body it has to last a lifetime  3) take risks – remember you regret what you didn’t do more than what you did so…..  4) get to know your spiritual self.  Explore, question and identify with the person inside who is still playful.

Remember what we see in the mirror is only a small part and yes we should be taking care of ourselves physically but also mentally and identifying with the whole.   Not getting caught up in what society/media dictates we should look like or how we should age.  We are so much more than that and if we don’t start appreciating what we have to give no one else will.

Idea take from Creating a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran.

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