Change of seasons – embrace it

I’m into my winter mode now – snow on the ground, winter boots, cords and sweaters out.  I enjoy the change of seasons and with each one have different interests and of course projects.   Winter for me has always been about nesting.  I pull my cross stitch out that I haven’t worked on all summer and fall.  The slow cooker is used more and I’m curled up on Sunday afternoons reading.  Even exercise routines change from walking to and from work to the treadmill.

I have to admit that where I’m from Spring is almost a non-event, but it is preparing us for summer.  Where being outdoors takes centre-stage.  Summer clothes brought out (purging of winter clothes before being packed away!), fresh local produce, Farmer’s markets and of course off to the gardening centres.

Fall is beautiful with the leaves changing colors (orange, yellow and red) and I feel lucky to live in this part of the world. September rolls around and I am re-energized as it always seems like it is more the start of a new year with school starting and programs being offered.  I am off picking up library, City Recreation and Community College brochures to check out what is being offered from yoga to water colors to medieval history. I spend lunch hours at the coffee shop pouring over what is offered and what I want to take.  FYI definitely check out your local library as our has tons of free programs.

Of course the holidays are fast approaching which is fine as I like to treat the whole month of December as special.   Then I get my cross stitch out again (yes usually same one – sigh) and I’m ready for nesting again and powering down.

I feel we should embrace the change of seasons and what each season has to offer.  Not wish 4 – 6 months of our lives away every year.  So if we start changing our attitude about the seasons what can we take from it?  More time at home to complete projects we put off during the warmer months?  Trying out new recipes, catching up on those novels we jotted down to read when we had time.   The people who ski, curl and pursue their winter sports have it right – embrace all seasons and take and learn what you want from them.  Okay cross stitch is next!


One thought on “Change of seasons – embrace it

  1. This was the first year in a very very long time that I did not dread January. There is always such a hype up to Christmas (and yes I get wrapped up in it too) that January is usually that long long month of cold that I dread. I think since I started blogging and having projects always on the go, winter this year, isn’t going to seem as long – I guess what I am saying is I am engaging myself more in the moment and not wishing the season away – after all, this is the only life I have, I plan to make the most of it (every season).
    Thanks for the great post, your posts always get me thinking!!!


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