A light read to start the New Year – No Relation

If you want to read a book with no murder, kidnapping, fleeing the police or intense interrogations I recommend No Relation by Terry Fallis.   It made me smile and I enjoyed his descriptions some of which were motion pictures in my head.  Hoping this isn’t illegal to quote from the book but here is one of my favorite descriptive passages.

“we joined the agency within weeks of each other nearly fifteen years ago.  But we’d been on different trajectories ever since.  Over the years, I rose through the ranks as if I were sauntering up a gentle slope, stopping often to lounge at patio rest stations along the way.  But soon after we started, Bob seemed to board the space shuttle, docking with the corner office after what seemed to me like very short ride.”

The novel is about a man trying to find his way and the individuals he collects during this journey, all with a similar problem to his (I’m not telling).  The writing is witty and the characters diverse.  I think you will enjoy reading about the situations they get into and how they get out of.  A good read if you want something light – but maybe don’t read in public in case you laugh out loud or have a smile on your face at an inappropriate time!

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