Where to put those keepsakes and memories – smash book

I was thinking how to start the new year and thought “smash book”.    In the spring I made a smash book for myself and a friend who was having a significant birthday.   I have checked the web and lots of pictures and information on smash books there, but basically they are a journal, scrapbook or whatever you want them to be to capture what is happening in your life.  I started mine in April and the first few pages are my trip with my sister to Arizona.  Since then I have added theatre stubs “Mary Poppins” and “Into the Woods”, concert stub, book launch I introduced author and of course starting this blog and friend’s A Wandafulthing blog.

Most of the pictures I saw had coil binding so either made or bought which is always an alternative.  Mine was super simple to make so thought I’d share.

I bought a sketch book and cut the paper to the size I wanted – for me 12 x 7 inches.  You can make as many pages as you want but I used fourteen sheets of paper.  I folded the paper in half and got my phonebook out.  Make sure you can see the crease in the paper.  Put paper on phonebook (to protect table) and use a dowel to make a small hole every inch down the middle fold.  I used embroidery thread to weave through the holes to bind the book together.  For the front and back cover you can use thicker paper or just another piece of paper – maybe something bright?  Friend had modge-podge so I used that to secure a postcard on the front page plus made that page more durable.

I won’t bother going into the inside because that is all on you to create.  I have to say I have enjoyed having a place to put ticket stubs and invitations.  What makes it unique is I can write who I was with, restaurant we went to and what we thought of the event.  It has even got me looking at items differently – at our recent library opening I picked up a small card to place in my smash book to celebrate the day.

So maybe this year is your year to create your smash book of what is happening.  Check out Pinterest and other sites for great ideas on creating pages and go for it.  I’m looking forward to adding to mine so I might have to plan a few events and trips.   Hmmm…. possibilities.  Keep all doors open.

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