Brake for Spontaneity! Create the life you want.

A friend and I years ago did Cheryl Richardson’s Life Makeovers.  It was broken down into “52 practical and inspiring ways to improve your life one  week at a time”.   I curled up with Cheryl recently and was flipping through the book and found Brake for Spontaneity. I thought it was appropriate for this time of year when we are all running madly to the mall, parties, school plays and family gatherings. That we should book time of us – even if it means scheduling it in. Cheryl Richardson says it better than I could “By creating the space to live in the moment, we strengthen the connection to our inner wisdom and give ourselves a much-needed rest from the routine of day-to-day living.”  So make an appointment for today, tomorrow or next week just for you.  A massage, an afternoon curled up with a magazine, a walk in the park or a nap in the afternoon.  It is a hectic time of year and we’ll appreciate all our events if we take a breath and re-energize so put the brakes on for you!

5 thoughts on “Brake for Spontaneity! Create the life you want.

  1. suzjones

    How did you enjoy doing Cheryl’s book. I am working through it now and blogging it as a challenge for others to follow. I’m finding it very enlightening. 🙂


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